WLJT: Day 27 (Gunma)

 photo DSC_8677_136.png

Another long day of driving, from Izu back north to Gunma Prefecture’s Minakami Town. I made a stop in Yamanashi Prefecture as well just for a few views of Mt. Fuji on the way to Gunma, then just had an early night in Minakami after checking into the Canyons Lodge. Not so many interesting pictures from this day!

 photo DSC_8667.jpg
But I grabbed one last wasabi snack before leaving Izu! (These things were addicting… I want one now!)

 photo DSC_8670.jpg
One of the Fuji 5 lakes but I don’t remember which one…

 photo DSC_8672.jpg
Drive by Mt. Fuji picture!

 photo DSC_8675.jpg
Arriving in Minakami

 photo DSC_8678.jpg
One of the onsen Minakami is famous for

 photo DSC_8681.jpg

That’s it! Sorry its boring!


WLJT: Day 26 (Kawazu)

 photo DSC_8469_23.png

My day was originally supposed to start with a visit to a park to see susuki, or pampas grass, with a view of the ocean, but something got mixed up in the schedule, so my guides asked me to just meet them later at a small wasabi farm in town. I decided I probably had just enough time to see the pampas grass anyway, so off I went in a hurry to the park for just a few pictures, then high-tailed it back to town to make the meeting place just in time! From there, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about how wasabi is grown, make wasabizuke to take home, and see a few more of Kawazu’s famous waterfalls. You can read more about the day on the official WLJT website here, and as usual, here are a few more pictures from the day:

 photo DSC_0281.jpg
Morning views of oceans of pampas grass!

 photo DSC_8371.jpg
And views of the real ocean too, of course! It was rushed, but worth the visit!

 photo DSC_8466.jpg
Then, wasabi

 photo DSC_8414.jpg
Washing the grown plants

 photo DSC_8504.jpg
Water is the key ingredient here

 photo DSC_8630.jpg
All in a row

 photo DSC_8587.jpg
Its really all about the water

 photo DSC_8573.jpg
Speaking of water…

 photo DSC_8523.jpg
The two characters have statues all around, and are from a famous TV drama and story

 photo DSC_0299.jpg
Lots of water

 photo DSC_0304.jpg
Lots of waterfalls

 photo DSC_8557.jpg
And one very interestingly-shaped bridge

 photo DSC_8578.jpg
Delicious lunch

 photo DSC_8637.jpg
Wasabi ice cream as a snack!

 photo DSC_8646.jpg
Trying some local sake during dinner

 photo DSC_8650.jpg

WLJT: Day 25 (Imaihama)

 photo DSC_8343_191.png

I ended my time in Choshi with another soak in the rooftop baths of my hotel, and a quick look at the pretty white lighthouse before heading on a long drive towards Shizuoka Prefecture and the Izu Peninsula. I took a route that passed through the amazing underground tunnel beneath Tokyo Bay from the edge of the Chiba peninsula down to Tokyo, then through Tokyo to Shizuoka, and back onto another peninsula to the very edge at Imaihama, where I was staying at a fancy hotel that night right on the beach. I didn’t do much more than driving, but there were a few interesting stops along the way!

 photo DSC_8288.jpg
One last soak!

 photo DSC_8289.jpg
Pretty white lighthouse and blue sky!

 photo DSC_8292.jpg
The white post box is pretty unique, too!

 photo DSC_8295.jpg
Passing by Inubo Station one more time, and got lucky just as a train pulled in!

 photo DSC_8303.jpg
Looking back toward Chiba before heading under water into the tunnel… this is a giant rest stop just before the tunnel starts

 photo DSC_8298.jpg
Suddenly there’s just water! It’s pretty amazing!

 photo DSC_8302.jpg
Quick lunch and enjoying some art at the rest stop before continuing on

 photo DSC_8316.jpg
A brief stop at a waterfall before checking into my hotel, as the area has a lot of them

 photo DSC_0262.jpg
My super fancy hotel!

 photo DSC_0246.jpg
Big room for one person

 photo DSC_0255.jpg
Great views for sure!

 photo DSC_8324.jpg
The Halloween decorations were pretty cute

 photo DSC_0266.jpg
Of course, I had to get some beach time

 photo DSC_8338.jpg
I always went to Pensacola, Florida to visit my grandparents for Thanksgiving, so beaches in autumn are kinda my thing

 photo DSC_8351.jpg
Last but not least, my VERY fancy dinner and dessert!

Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival

 photo DSC_9493.jpg

A few weeks ago one of my friends who works at Japan Guide asked me if I was interested in becoming a freelance travel reporter, and I might have accidentally screamed “yes” at him rather than saying it at a normal volume. Luckily that was taken for enthusiasm instead of crazy, and I have officially become a travel reporter for Japan-Guide.com. Go me!

Wednesday was my first trip report down to Kawazu, a small town on Shizuoka’s Izu Peninsula. You can read the trip report on the JG website here: Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival Trip Report.

During the We Love Japan Tour, I stayed in Imaihama right next to Kawazu, and spend some time sightseeing a few waterfalls in the area as well as learning how wasabi is grown. This time around I was exploring the early-blooming Kawazu sakura, a variety of cherry that flowers a good month or more before the more common Somei Yoshino cherries start blooming. Kawazu sakura are really vibrantly pink, and right now yellow nanohana flowers are also blooming, so the contrast is really really nice!

Izu’s only about two hours from Tokyo, so it is really popular and crowded right now. Luckily I was heading down on a Wednesday, but I still got caught by the crowds. Actually, my story starts a bit earlier, of the 5AM variety. I drove to a slightly larger station than my local one in order to take one of the first trains to Tokyo. Right as we approached Tokyo station, all the trains on the Chuo line stopped so I missed my connection to the train that would take me to Izu. That’s especially unpleasant because it is a special rapid train called the Odoriko, and it needs an extra ticket and a seat reservation unless you want to wait in line to vie for the unreserved seats.

By missing the train, that’s exactly what I had to do. An hour later, I was finally on my way to Kawazu. Geez.

After arriving in Kawazu, I stepped out of the station right into a TV crew interviewing people for a show called “Why did you come to Japan” who wanted to follow me around Kawazu after finding out I was there for the cherry blossom festival. Luckily I didn’t just accept and instead called Japan Guide, who said basically “No way no how,” so I was glad I hadn’t said yes without asking! However that ate up a bit of time, and by arriving an hour late I was feeling the pressure of time since my return train was already reserved.

 photo DSC_9765.jpg

 photo DSC_9484.jpg
Trying to get out of the station… don’t any of you people work?!

 photo DSC_9486.jpg
Kawazu station right before the YOU TV crew spotted me

Pretty quickly I went up and down the river, then into and around town taking pictures and seeing the sights. I was starving but didn’t feel like I had time to eat, so I just grabbed a pink taiyaki for a snack, figuring I could eat on the train.

I wish I had been able to spend more time looking around, as there was a lot of interesting foods to try and things for sale, but pretty quickly I had seen what I needed, taken enough pictures, and had to get back to catch my train back to Gunma. So I’m just dumping a ton of pictures here. Enjoy!

 photo DSC_9505.jpg
Sakura! In February! WEIRD.

 photo DSC_9579.jpg

 photo DSC_9587.jpg

 photo DSC_9584.jpg

 photo DSC_9590.jpg

 photo DSC_9552.jpg
A few of the trees were already dropping blossoms quickly, but most were still pretty full

 photo DSC_9544.jpg
Lots of selfie sticks making an appearance…

 photo DSC_9557.jpg
Even the dogs seemed to be enjoying the day!

 photo DSC_9558.jpg
Take your own tree home! … for about 50 bucks, ouch.

 photo DSC_9596.jpg
These are NOT sakura but are plums, which is the usual flower to see around this time

 photo DSC_9597.jpg
These I expect in February…

 photo DSC_9598.jpg

 photo DSC_9605.jpg

 photo DSC_9612.jpg

 photo DSC_9641.jpg

 photo DSC_9666.jpg

 photo DSC_9687.jpg

 photo DSC_9724.jpg
I liked this sign but didn’t stop to take a good enough photo of it. *sigh*

 photo DSC_9728.jpg

 photo DSC_9732.jpg

 photo DSC_9735.jpg

 photo DSC_9746.jpg

 photo DSC_9751.jpg

 photo DSC_9766.jpg
This was good!

 photo DSC_9772.jpg

 photo DSC_9774.jpg