WLJT: Day 29 (Omachi)

 photo DSC_8761.png

Sooo… the thing is, I live in Gunma. I passed right by my house (on the highway anyway) when I drove to Minakami, and would pass it again on my way to my next destination. And Since my next stop in Nagano was only about 2 hours away and I’ve been sorta everywhere around the area already, instead of sightseeing somewhere, I stopped by my house to drop stuff off and ended up napping with my cat for a good chunk of the afternoon.

Hey, this WLJT stuff is tiring!

Anyway, so I have almost zero pictures from the day. I could post pictures of my cat, but instead I’ll just apologize for another short and boring post. Sorry! It was a good nap, though!

 photo DSC_8743.jpg
Arriving into Nagano to my little pension in Omachi, I learned everyone pitches in with dinner and chores here.

 photo DSC_8754.jpg
A little apprehensive about that, but the food was good despite my “help”!

By the way, the top image is of the cutest set of chopstick rests I’ve ever seen, and oddly appropriate for the day, don’t you think?


WLJT: Day 28 (Minakami)

 photo DSC_8694_152.png

My time in Minakami was spent exploring just a small sample of the outdoor activities of the area, Canoeing and Canyoning. I borrowed a waterproof camera for most of the wet stuff (so most of the day), therefore the pictures are adequate but not great. Anyway, you can see the best ones on my official blog post here on the WLJT page. Here are a few extra pictures I took with my main camera:

 photo DSC_8690.jpg
Lakewalk in the morning for my canoeing experience

 photo DSC_0318.jpg
Boats on the lake… we were actually technically kayaking I think! (Canoes kayaks potato potahto…)

 photo DSC_8697.jpg
The lake was really pretty until the sun went behind the clouds

 photo DSC_8705.jpg
Lunchtime at a restaurant built entirely of wood with the owner’s two hands.

 photo DSC_8706.jpg
And delicious food!

 photo DSC_8718.jpg
I went down this waterfall.

 photo DSC_8732.jpg
And pizza and beer for dinner

That’s it! The rest of the photos are all in the official post, so be sure to take a peak there!

WLJT: Day 27 (Gunma)

 photo DSC_8677_136.png

Another long day of driving, from Izu back north to Gunma Prefecture’s Minakami Town. I made a stop in Yamanashi Prefecture as well just for a few views of Mt. Fuji on the way to Gunma, then just had an early night in Minakami after checking into the Canyons Lodge. Not so many interesting pictures from this day!

 photo DSC_8667.jpg
But I grabbed one last wasabi snack before leaving Izu! (These things were addicting… I want one now!)

 photo DSC_8670.jpg
One of the Fuji 5 lakes but I don’t remember which one…

 photo DSC_8672.jpg
Drive by Mt. Fuji picture!

 photo DSC_8675.jpg
Arriving in Minakami

 photo DSC_8678.jpg
One of the onsen Minakami is famous for

 photo DSC_8681.jpg

That’s it! Sorry its boring!

Fujioka Hanami

 photo 20160403_fujioka_16.jpg

The first Sunday of April Kenji and I were invited to a whopping three cherry blossom viewing parties (hanami)! Well, the first wasn’t exactly hanami… it was a festival in Shinmachi, where we used to live. The local jietai (self-defense force) base has a cherry blossom festival every year, and also gives demonstration of their equipment, including helicopters and trucks you can actually go sit in. Kenji and I went but since we also had the other parties, only stayed to enjoy the blossoms for a short time.

Then the father of a student invited us, along with a few other friends, to a small party near where he works. I’d never been to the area, and was surprised how many cherry trees there were! Unforutnately, the weather started to turn cloudy, so the pictures aren’t very nice, but I bet on a sunny day it would be beautiful!

And finally, we met Scott and Brandt and their families at our favorite cherry blossom spot in Fujioka, Nanakoshiyama, an old kofun (key-hole shaped burial mound from the Jomon Period of Japanese history) covered in cherry blossoms. It’s a magical time to visit!

Here are the pictures from the day:

 photo 20160403_fujioka_01.jpg
Nanohana around where we parked by the river. It pays to know the back areas!

 photo 20160403_fujioka_02.jpg
Walking along the road to the base

 photo 20160403_fujioka_03.jpg
Lots of people there today

 photo 20160403_fujioka_04.jpg
Helicopters and cherry trees

 photo 20160403_fujioka_05.jpg
Close up!

 photo 20160403_fujioka_06.jpg

 photo 20160403_fujioka_07.jpg
Same road from the front and back, I couldn’t decide which view I liked better

 photo 20160403_fujioka_09.jpg
The Inari shrine around where we used to live in Shinmachi

 photo 20160403_fujioka_08.jpg
Fallen flowers… these are due to birds, the little jerks

 photo 20160403_fujioka_10.jpg
Hanami spot 2 as the weather got cloudy

 photo 20160403_fujioka_11.jpg
I’m not sure what flowers these bushes are

 photo 20160403_fujioka_12.jpg
But these daffodils are fun!

 photo 20160403_fujioka_13.jpg
And spot 3 at Nanakoshiyama

 photo 20160403_fujioka_15.jpg
aka “Fairy Tale Land”

 photo 20160403_fujioka_14.jpg

Various Summer Stuff, 2015

 photo DSC_0715.jpg

First, we participated in some rice planting in late June with our friend Akira, who, with her husband, grow organic rice here in Fujioka:

 photo DSC_0396.jpg
Rice fields near Midori Elementary School

 photo DSC_0401.jpg
Rice and duckweed in the prepped field

 photo DSC_0409.jpg
Learning how to do it

 photo DSC_0412.jpg
Off on our own, we follow the automatic planting machine making sure it didn’t miss any spots

 photo DSC_0418.jpg
Kenji starting his rows

Next, in July, we went to an art exhibit in Tokyo which features live goldfish in interesting tanks and lights. It’s called the Edo Art Aquarium in Nihonbashi. The artist has several events in many different cities every year:

 photo IMG_2601.jpg
Our usual first stop: Devil Craft pizza!

 photo IMG_2617.jpg
Flier for the event

 photo IMG_2638.jpg

 photo IMG_2637.jpg
The pictures don’t really do it any justice… it is really cool!

 photo IMG_2649.jpg
Lotus and goldfish

 photo IMG_2679.jpg
This represented the world

 photo IMG_2688.jpg
Peering in

We saw two summer festivals this year, in July and August. The first was the Fujioka Matsuri, where we saw both mikoshi and dashi over two days:

 photo DSC_0435.jpg
This pretty accurately sums the festival up

 photo DSC_0461.jpg
Fujioka BOE and City mikoshi group. Spot the ALTs! It’s the first year I’m not in this picture ;_;

 photo DSC_0546.jpg

 photo DSC_0603.jpg
It didn’t rain this year!

 photo DSC_0672.jpg
A precarious perch

And the second was the Shinmachi Fireworks and Festival. We took Fujioka’s 2 new ALTs with us and introduced them to Kyoko-sensei and the family, and had a lot of fun at the festival:

 photo DSC_0037.jpg
I dressed them all, but I’m used to doing on myself, so it took a few tries to get it right!

 photo DSC_0024.jpg
Letting the lanterns go in the river

 photo DSC_0045.jpg

Finally, we went to the Tambara Lavender Park in early August to see some beautiful flowers:

 photo DSC_0802.jpg
Beautiful timing!

 photo DSC_0917.jpg
Among the fields

 photo IMG_2789.jpg
Mmmm lavender ice cream, one of my favorites!

It’s been a fun summer, but now the temperatures have finally started to cool off a little. Fall is coming soon!