About This Blog

In 2008 I came to Japan on the JET Programme as a wide-eyed, bushy-tailed, brand new and shiny ALT. Stepping off the plane into the high heat and humidity of Tokyo in late July was stepping off into a new life, and of course, like every ALT before me (and every one since), I started a blog about it, called Just Another Jess In Japan (https://jessinjapan.wordpress.com)… cute, right?

Blogs like that one are a dime a dozen. I updated it with semi-regularity for 6 years about my apartment, my school, my travels, etc. It was off and on; some months I would post multiple times a week, others, not at all. Still, that is a long time to keep a blog going. Then, things changed again: I finished my job and decided not to get a new one. I got married. I moved. I somehow acquired a cat. And my little blog at Jess In Japan, which I’d written on for 6 years, just seemed… old.

So I decided it is time for a change.

My new house (at that time) was right next to a rice field, called “tanbo” in Japanese. I love to travel and had hoped I’d get plenty of that even with the big changes in my life, so I named the new blog “travels and tanbo” to reflect both the fun, interesting things going on in my life, and the every day, boring things.

What I didn’t count on was that somehow changing my blog made it that much more difficult to post, and sort of got out of the habit of posting as life happened. I was traveling less and doing more boring, every day stuff I didn’t feel was worth a blog post. Because of that, I barely updated here at all.

But finally, I think I’m at a point in my life where I’m more settled, and I’m ready to post again. There probably wont be much difference in content… if anything, it may be less fun, exciting travel and more boring, everyday than ever! But I really want to write more, and take more pictures, and so I’m hoping reviving this old thing will help.

So that’s it. My life story in blog form.


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