WLJT: Day 31 (Itoigawa)

 photo DSC_9015.png

My last WLJT blog post! I woke up early in order to be in Itoigawa by 9AM. I didn’t need to actually be there until late afternoon, but the day sounded so interesting and I was so close (only an hour or so away) that I asked if I could join in with Emma’s last day on the job. I got the OK… as long as I didn’t show up in any of her pictures! It was nice to wander around without the pressure of getting good pictures for a post, and had a fun full day to spend instead of bumming around waiting for the final event. So it worked out well.

This time, you can read Emma’s blog post on the day here, since yesterday’s post was my last. I was with them throughout the day, even if it seems like I showed up at the end!

 photo DSC_9000.jpg
Leaving Omachi in the still morning

 photo DSC_9003.jpg
And on the road to Niigata!

 photo DSC_9004.jpg
Arriving in Niigata and meeting up with Emma and the team, we headed first for a hike to a beautiful lake in the mountains

 photo DSC_9065.jpg
Perfect timing for the autumn colors!

 photo DSC_9028.jpg
Like a Monet painting!

 photo DSC_9046.jpg
It was chilly and rainy, but worth it, despite my feet getting soaked

 photo DSC_9076.jpg
These maples are turning

 photo DSC_9095.jpg
Salt Walk Museum in an old-style building

 photo DSC_9093.jpg
Vines on wood

 photo DSC_9183.jpg
Banzai! I mean, Bonsai!

 photo DSC_9191.jpg
Very expensive little trees…

 photo DSC_9192.jpg
Mostly because it takes just a little bit of time to make these shapes

 photo DSC_9213.jpg
Arrival at Itoigawa Station

 photo DSC_9220.jpg
And a walk to the coast to complete the day, and the tour

 photo IMG_3897.jpg
I sampled some local sake at dinner that evening

 photo DSC_9228.jpg
Like these!

 photo DSC_9224.jpg
The next day was the final event with food, then home.

Thanks for reading along with me! I enjoyed this tour so much, and was glad to be able to write about and “relive” it a bit again on the one-year anniversary of it. I wish I could take a trip like this again, but it was truly once-in-a-lifetime. That’s ok, I’ll have other adventures from now on. Looking forward to them!


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