WLJT: Day 30 (Lake Kizaki)

 photo DSC_0354.png

To make up for yesterday’s post, todays is full of pictures that I wish I had been able to include in my official blog post and just had way too many pictures to be able to add all of them. So take a look at the explanation of the art around Lake Kizaki and my day there, and then here are a bunch more pictures from the day!

 photo DSC_8769.jpg
Lake Kizaki, the unassuming center of a huge primitive art movement

 photo DSC_0376.jpg
A quick look through the forest shows natural growth, and natural art scattered around

 photo DSC_8775.jpg
Baskets maybe?

 photo DSC_8776.jpg

 photo DSC_0366.jpg
I’m reminded a bit of the Blair Witch Project though…

 photo DSC_0372.jpg
A different kind of canopy

 photo DSC_8787.jpg
This bit was really cool

 photo DSC_8788.jpg
Moss and wood

 photo DSC_8791.jpg
Is it growing? I can’t tell!

 photo DSC_8817.jpg
Some beautiful fall colors around

 photo DSC_8820.jpg
And fall flowers on the other side of the lake

 photo DSC_8824.jpg
Small station

 photo DSC_8844.jpg
Today’s question: is it art or not?

 photo DSC_0384.jpg
Rice field planted in interesting ways

 photo DSC_8855.jpg
Inside some random dude’s storage barn… these are amazing!

 photo DSC_8858.jpg
Each piece centers around a basic item found in the storage barn, like an old umbrella or a wrench, then embellished

 photo DSC_8875.jpg
At a museum near the station

 photo DSC_8878.jpg
This is dirt. No, I mean, it’s MADE with dirt! Different colors of dirt turned to paint! I was speechless!

 photo DSC_8880.jpg
Look at this!

 photo DSC_8881.jpg
Who comes up with this? But the result is amazing!

 photo DSC_8886.jpg

 photo DSC_8889.jpg
I didn’t expect the restaurant to be as nice as it was

 photo DSC_8890.jpg
But I probably should have considering where I was!

 photo DSC_8901.jpg
Another old storage place

 photo DSC_8900.jpg
Delicate porcelain leaves

 photo DSC_8950.jpg
Up to the mountains at the base of the Alps (which you can’t see due to the clouds, I literally jumped when I saw them looming later on)

 photo DSC_0390.jpg
Tree houses, a forest of them! I could have stayed in one, but it would have been cold…

 photo DSC_8963.jpg
One last tree house on the edge of a cliff

 photo DSC_0394.jpg
But the view!

 photo DSC_8984.jpg
I lied, this was the last tree house… maybe my favorite!

 photo DSC_0400.jpg
Looking up

I would love to visit Kizaki again and see what new art I can find!


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