WLJT: Day 28 (Minakami)

 photo DSC_8694_152.png

My time in Minakami was spent exploring just a small sample of the outdoor activities of the area, Canoeing and Canyoning. I borrowed a waterproof camera for most of the wet stuff (so most of the day), therefore the pictures are adequate but not great. Anyway, you can see the best ones on my official blog post here on the WLJT page. Here are a few extra pictures I took with my main camera:

 photo DSC_8690.jpg
Lakewalk in the morning for my canoeing experience

 photo DSC_0318.jpg
Boats on the lake… we were actually technically kayaking I think! (Canoes kayaks potato potahto…)

 photo DSC_8697.jpg
The lake was really pretty until the sun went behind the clouds

 photo DSC_8705.jpg
Lunchtime at a restaurant built entirely of wood with the owner’s two hands.

 photo DSC_8706.jpg
And delicious food!

 photo DSC_8718.jpg
I went down this waterfall.

 photo DSC_8732.jpg
And pizza and beer for dinner

That’s it! The rest of the photos are all in the official post, so be sure to take a peak there!


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