WLJT: Day 27 (Gunma)

 photo DSC_8677_136.png

Another long day of driving, from Izu back north to Gunma Prefecture’s Minakami Town. I made a stop in Yamanashi Prefecture as well just for a few views of Mt. Fuji on the way to Gunma, then just had an early night in Minakami after checking into the Canyons Lodge. Not so many interesting pictures from this day!

 photo DSC_8667.jpg
But I grabbed one last wasabi snack before leaving Izu! (These things were addicting… I want one now!)

 photo DSC_8670.jpg
One of the Fuji 5 lakes but I don’t remember which one…

 photo DSC_8672.jpg
Drive by Mt. Fuji picture!

 photo DSC_8675.jpg
Arriving in Minakami

 photo DSC_8678.jpg
One of the onsen Minakami is famous for

 photo DSC_8681.jpg

That’s it! Sorry its boring!


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