Fujioka Hanami

 photo 20160403_fujioka_16.jpg

The first Sunday of April Kenji and I were invited to a whopping three cherry blossom viewing parties (hanami)! Well, the first wasn’t exactly hanami… it was a festival in Shinmachi, where we used to live. The local jietai (self-defense force) base has a cherry blossom festival every year, and also gives demonstration of their equipment, including helicopters and trucks you can actually go sit in. Kenji and I went but since we also had the other parties, only stayed to enjoy the blossoms for a short time.

Then the father of a student invited us, along with a few other friends, to a small party near where he works. I’d never been to the area, and was surprised how many cherry trees there were! Unforutnately, the weather started to turn cloudy, so the pictures aren’t very nice, but I bet on a sunny day it would be beautiful!

And finally, we met Scott and Brandt and their families at our favorite cherry blossom spot in Fujioka, Nanakoshiyama, an old kofun (key-hole shaped burial mound from the Jomon Period of Japanese history) covered in cherry blossoms. It’s a magical time to visit!

Here are the pictures from the day:

 photo 20160403_fujioka_01.jpg
Nanohana around where we parked by the river. It pays to know the back areas!

 photo 20160403_fujioka_02.jpg
Walking along the road to the base

 photo 20160403_fujioka_03.jpg
Lots of people there today

 photo 20160403_fujioka_04.jpg
Helicopters and cherry trees

 photo 20160403_fujioka_05.jpg
Close up!

 photo 20160403_fujioka_06.jpg

 photo 20160403_fujioka_07.jpg
Same road from the front and back, I couldn’t decide which view I liked better

 photo 20160403_fujioka_09.jpg
The Inari shrine around where we used to live in Shinmachi

 photo 20160403_fujioka_08.jpg
Fallen flowers… these are due to birds, the little jerks

 photo 20160403_fujioka_10.jpg
Hanami spot 2 as the weather got cloudy

 photo 20160403_fujioka_11.jpg
I’m not sure what flowers these bushes are

 photo 20160403_fujioka_12.jpg
But these daffodils are fun!

 photo 20160403_fujioka_13.jpg
And spot 3 at Nanakoshiyama

 photo 20160403_fujioka_15.jpg
aka “Fairy Tale Land”

 photo 20160403_fujioka_14.jpg


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