Various Summer Stuff, 2015

 photo DSC_0715.jpg

First, we participated in some rice planting in late June with our friend Akira, who, with her husband, grow organic rice here in Fujioka:

 photo DSC_0396.jpg
Rice fields near Midori Elementary School

 photo DSC_0401.jpg
Rice and duckweed in the prepped field

 photo DSC_0409.jpg
Learning how to do it

 photo DSC_0412.jpg
Off on our own, we follow the automatic planting machine making sure it didn’t miss any spots

 photo DSC_0418.jpg
Kenji starting his rows

Next, in July, we went to an art exhibit in Tokyo which features live goldfish in interesting tanks and lights. It’s called the Edo Art Aquarium in Nihonbashi. The artist has several events in many different cities every year:

 photo IMG_2601.jpg
Our usual first stop: Devil Craft pizza!

 photo IMG_2617.jpg
Flier for the event

 photo IMG_2638.jpg

 photo IMG_2637.jpg
The pictures don’t really do it any justice… it is really cool!

 photo IMG_2649.jpg
Lotus and goldfish

 photo IMG_2679.jpg
This represented the world

 photo IMG_2688.jpg
Peering in

We saw two summer festivals this year, in July and August. The first was the Fujioka Matsuri, where we saw both mikoshi and dashi over two days:

 photo DSC_0435.jpg
This pretty accurately sums the festival up

 photo DSC_0461.jpg
Fujioka BOE and City mikoshi group. Spot the ALTs! It’s the first year I’m not in this picture ;_;

 photo DSC_0546.jpg

 photo DSC_0603.jpg
It didn’t rain this year!

 photo DSC_0672.jpg
A precarious perch

And the second was the Shinmachi Fireworks and Festival. We took Fujioka’s 2 new ALTs with us and introduced them to Kyoko-sensei and the family, and had a lot of fun at the festival:

 photo DSC_0037.jpg
I dressed them all, but I’m used to doing on myself, so it took a few tries to get it right!

 photo DSC_0024.jpg
Letting the lanterns go in the river

 photo DSC_0045.jpg

Finally, we went to the Tambara Lavender Park in early August to see some beautiful flowers:

 photo DSC_0802.jpg
Beautiful timing!

 photo DSC_0917.jpg
Among the fields

 photo IMG_2789.jpg
Mmmm lavender ice cream, one of my favorites!

It’s been a fun summer, but now the temperatures have finally started to cool off a little. Fall is coming soon!


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